Aspenwood Capital is a fast-growing asset management and family office firm headquartered in Hong Kong. Established in 2016, we quickly expanded into China, Taiwan and Singapore markets with over USD200M AUM.

Aspenwood Capital is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) for advising on Securities (Type 4) and
Asset Management (Type 9) activities in Hong Kong.


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A Higher Financial Altitude

At Aspenwood Capital, asset management is not just only about asset investment. We take on a higher altitude in managing your wealth and investment, and strive to help you achieve more, with our motto and values:

Aspenwood value

The Aspen Tree

The Aspen tree, one of the most fast-growing, ancient and ecologically resilient tree species on earth.

A pioneer tree with an amazing set of adaptability, rejuvenating vitality and strategic proliferation abilities.

Propagating and colonising fast, seeking every opportunity to grow, withstanding severe weather and forest fire, embracing nature challenges with stronger new sprouts, bark photosynthesis despite deciduous winters, extensive strong root network, and host to lush undergrowth shelter and habitat.

This is Aspenwood Capital

Our growth-seeking DNA and strong trunk of expert teams strive to help you secure every wealth proliferation opportunity, and stay strong and prosperous in any economic climate.