At Aspenwood, we see Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) as an important duty for a financial institution. We also recognise the increasing value CSR plays into play in private and family wealth management.

Aspenwood Greater China
Students’ Partners Charity Fund

Greater China Students’ Partners Charity Fund (Incorporated in 5th September 2017)

No#91/16553 under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance

Founded with the objectives of Aspenwood ESG contribution, Greater China Students’ Partners Charity Fund is registered as a Charity Organisation in Hong Kong.


To be the most admired youth assistance and development organization in Greater China region


To be the bridge and avenue nurturing youth from “Greenhouse” to “Forest”, by providing more exposure, experience enrichment, new insights and competency upgrade, and helping them build more competitive edges. To provide scholarship to students in need of financial support.  


The Program

Aspenwood Capital believes in the power of partnership collaboration, expertise network and the 1+1 greater than 2 synergy. Therefore, with a principle of “Partnership & Giving Back to Society”, Greater China Students’ Partners Charity Fund works on developing partnership with under-privileged youth in education support and social contribution pursuits. The fund focuses on providing whole person development for the youth and grooming them into future leaders who will reciprocate community contribution.  

At the same time, the fund also serves as a social engagement platform for our benevolent clients and partners network, and invites like-minded partners to collaborate and join hands in giving back to the society. 


Activity Highlights

School projects in mainland China – supporting school facilities and assistance programs

Youth scholarship programs in mainland China