Investment Fund

Our different investment, hedge funds, and private equity investment programs are all run by our in-house expert fund managers with disciplined investment approaches, open avenues to different market opportunities, matching different investment objectives and risk appetite.

Our Funds

Aspenwood Asia Quantitative Fund LPF adopts cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and programmatic technologies in investment trading, sophisticated data science and highly robust trading models derived from market pulse and trader experience, to help clients stay on course of investment goals.  All of Aspenwood Asia Quantitative Fund LPF ’s trading decisions are driven by 300+ AI/ quantitative strategies, allowing clients to maximise investment return from the best skills of two worlds – expert market trader wisdom and forefront AI investment technologies.


Aspenwood Asia Quantitative Fund LPF leverages AI learning, neural network, data mining, data strategy experimentation, powerful backtesting, risk management statistics, and high frequency trading simulation, to configure robust trading models and sophisticated AI decision logic, eliminating human non-rational buy/sell behaviour based on emotional reaction, thereby safeguarding clients’ investment return objectives. 

Leveraging on Aspenwood’s different investment specialties, the Aspenwood Multi-Strategy Fund LPF adopts a wide variety of investment strategies and allocates capital to different asset class, from equities, bonds, FX to derivative instruments, within one single fund, to help investors minimize downside risk associated with extreme market conditions and hedge strategy-specific exposure.


The beauty of multi-strategy fund is its diversification balancing effect – with a mixture of strategies, the short-term volatility of one investment tool or a single asset-class in the fund portfolio can be hedged, thereby smoothing overall volatility and securing smooth returns across asset class and markets.


Multi-strategy fund is a good portfolio balancer and diversifier, an all-in-one selection for investors wanting a generic choice that catches the best of all worlds, and a lower-risk choice versus equities for investors with shorter investment horizon looking for less market exposure.

A real estate investment fund is a good avenue to capture asset growth potential associated with the real estate market, without the need to own, operate, or finance properties. 


Aspenwood Real Estate Investment Fund LPF invests both in real estate companies and their securities and REITs, and directly in the properties and opportunities such as acquisition, financing and direct ownership around the world properties, aiming to gain value through properties and real estate securities value appreciation, and regular/ recurrent income from REITs.


Real estate fund can offer investors a broader asset selection and diversification than buying individual property or real estate securities or REITs.