Asset Management

Discretionary Account Management​

We are client-centred. From portfolio management, investment choices, risk management, investment advisory, to buy/sell pricing and transaction execution, we act with clients’ interest and mandate objectives in mind.

Full Suite of Investment Choices

Our full suite of investment choices spans across traditional investment (funds, equity, fixed income, cash instrument, real estate, foreign currency, currency overlay, trust), alternative investment (hedge fund, private equity, commodities, derivatives), both in-house and third party funds, as well as customised solutions.

Currency Overlay

We understand the dynamic foreign exchange markets is full of opportunities, as well as potential risks. Any minute changes in currency rates can pose significant impact on your currency denominated investment and liabilities. 

Investment Funds

Our different investment and hedge funds, and private equity investment programs, all run by our in-house expert fund managers with disciplined investment approach, open avenues to different market opportunities, matching different investment objectives and risk appetite.